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Imagine having a career where you can make people laugh for a living? In the case of professional comedian Quinn C. Martin, he has been doing exactly that for the last 17 years.

“I loved it the second I tried it,” Martin says. “It gave me a rush being on stage. It gave me a feeling that nothing has given me before.” Obviously that kind of passion is needed as a solid foundation as a comedian, yet dedication and hard work have also been essential to having a long and successful career.

Martin also surprisingly notes, “No comedians have really inspired me. Instead I have had fans who have encouraged me throughout the years.” Despite not having industry-related mentors, Martin has gravitated heavily to other entertainment legends for inspiration and guidance such as Biggie Smalls and Jay-Z. “These two men inspire me to keep going and that you can change any situation you’re in by simply pursuing your dream.”

There have been many awards and accolades for the talented Martin throughout the years, however, one major achievement stands out. “Selling Maple Leaf Gardens out 7 times.” Definitely a high water mark for any comedian, yet in attaining such lofty goals boils down to learning the craft inside out.

“Never think you have it, ” Martin adamantly notes, “You have to record yourself [on video] and to listen to yourself in order to break habits. It’s the best way to self edit and keep on improving.”

And when asked what’s the secret fomula to having a successful career in such a tough and unforgiving industry as comedy? Martin notes, “Constantly doing open mikes and writing…writing is everything. A lot of comedians don’t write and they do the same jokes over and over again. I write every single day and I am not afraid to try new jokes!” Martin also makes a point that his success is because of “never taking a day off.”

So do you have what it takes to being a professional comedian? Obviously Martin does. It takes talent but a huge amount of dedication, passion, and a desire to always get better. “You have to keep working pure and simple. Once you think that you have it all figured out you won’t learn anymore.”

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