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Five years ago Lisa McDonald decided to become a full-fledged entrepreneur sowing the seeds of her brand ‘Living Fearlessly with Lisa’ and in the process creating a successful podcast, blog, mentorship/coaching business, and writing career.

Yet, the kernal of it all came from McDonald’s authentic desire to help people realize that their fears shouldn’t hold them back, but make them stronger.

“Fear as we all know, keeps us immobilized in unearthing potential, growth and development,” as McDonald notes in a blog entry, “Fear does not expand us, our dreams, or our passions. Rather, fear (if we let it) holds us hostage; keeping us stuck in backward, non-progressive…thinking patterns.”

Before starting her successful business career, McDonald spent over two decades in social services passionately helping countless people who fell through the cracks including children.

“I have spearheaded parents advocacy groups and pushed for Bill 125 to build more live-in homes,” McDonald notes. “I have always been immersed in personal growth as well as advocacy–empowering other people.”

For several years while still advocating and working with the differently abled, McDonald decided to go back to school taking Sociology and Women’s Studies at MacMaster University. And from there McDonald started to meticulously craft her ‘Living Fearlessly with Lisa’ brand which fused her experiences and education with her drive to help people unschackle themselves from fear and hone-in on their true potential.

However, one of the major qualities that McDonald has shown through out her life has been her sheer drive to succeed. In an interview with Tony Cohen, McDonald pointed out, “I’m very driven. I am an extremely driven person. No matter what stage of my life–whatever I was passionate about–I did well because it was non-negotiable for me,” notes McDonald, “…a lot of things I have done in my life [followed] a very grueling schedule and for me to give up that time away from something else I enjoyed it was non-negotiable I had to do well and perform.”

The last several years has seen McDonald become a lauded author of several books including Happy Kismet from Happy Trails and her acclaimed autobiography #LivingFearlessly: Uplifting You to Fear Less and Live More! As well, McDonald hosts a popular podcast ‘Living Fearlessly’ which can be listened to here.

Although McDonald’s on-air success is evident, it has been both reading and writing since an early age that has set the deep roots to her present-day creativity and desire to communicate her message. “Books and literacy are important.” McDonald notes, “the written word is important. I know when I was isolated I had intangible mentors like Deepak Chopra. Thanks to those authors [like Chopra]…they were my saving grace. Now I am paying it forward.”

McDonald is certainly paying if forward by communicating a message of living fearlessly, gratitude, and self-empowerment.”You truly have to believe in yourself.” McDonald stresses, “If you don’t, no one else will. You really need to hone into what you were meant to do and simply do it.”

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Image: Lisa McDonald

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