LinkedIn is often seen as the go-to social networking platform when it comes to professional networking. But how about Facebook? When utilized in a professional and methodical manner it can be a powerful tool in helping you grow and develop your career.

Unlike LinkedIn, you can let your guard down and enjoy what social media can offer on Facebook–sharing interesting and funny posts with friends, uploading photos and starting fun chats. But even if you are doing those things you need to consider a career-focused slant–maybe posting a funny image about your line of work and tagging another professional.

Facebook is an amazing way to connect and engage with other users in a more relaxed atmosphere. There are a lot of business/organization pages you can follow. Try to make your profile a bit more professional if possible by including a headshot, professional and career-related info. Make it a habit to connect with others in the community and it might be a great idea to start a page or group related to your profession.

Remember to find novel ways to expand on your experience on Facebook with career/professional development in-mind. Also try to find out how others are harnessing Facebook to further their careers!

Image: Geralt

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