Having a mentor is a boon to anyone who wants to succeed in their personal and professional life. A mentor can offer life and career experience, and help come up with solutions to problems they themselves may have encountered. However, if you do have a mentor how do you fully utilize their professional experience to help you? Here are a few points to help you:

Remember: Their time is valuable

A mentor is helping you because they feel you are worth their time and effort. A great mentor doesn’t really expect anything back, but they perhaps want you to succeed! If you are heeding their advice, that definitely makes a mentor feel great. One major thing to always consider is that their time is very valuable. Always be considerate and make your mentor aware that you are putting their advice into action. It will re-enforce the fact that you believe their time ans knowledge is worth the weight of gold.

Ask many questions

Everytime you meet-up or connect with your mentor ask lots of questions! Be sure to keep a notebook before meeting up to keep thoughts, questions or items you want to discuss. Ask questions about their experiences, thoughts about their personal growth and what they did in their career to get where they are now. Allow them to review any projects you currently have on the go–getting a professional opinion is very helpful especially from someone you trust.

Write down what they say

Bring your notebook or laptop when you connect with your mentor. Ask if its ok to write down your discussion. More than likely it will be; this is a simple yet effective way of building notes you can reference at another time. These notes can provide you some food for thought when your mentor isn’t available to chat.


After a while you will find that perhaps you mesh well with your mentor. This can mean that you can collaborate on business or community projects! This also shows how you have matured and are ready to build upon what you have learned from your mentor.

Learning to be a Mentor

It’s a great feeling when you start helping someone who was in the same boat you were in before. Being a mentor is a great position to help build future talent and pass along what you have learned and experience.

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