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From Mechanic to Professional Consultant: How Steve Bredschneider Discovered the Power of Helping Others Achieve their Potential

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Six years ago Steve Bredschneider was at his lowest point in his life. “I was really not happy. I was overweight; I was sick. I was depressed.” says Bredschneider, “I wasn’t clinically diagnosed [as depressed] but I had all the symptoms and never really talked about it to anyone.”

After three decades as a mechanic, forklift operator and engineer Bredschneider needed change and it started after he watched a popular movie. “In that stage of my life I needed to make some changes. And didn’t go out looking for personal development material because it kind of appeared to me…it started when I watched a movie called ‘The Secret’…It totally changed my life.”

From that moment on Bredschneider’s life was on the upswing. He was particularly drawn to Bob Proctor–one of the featured speakers in The Secret. “I fell in love with his material and the system that he offers. I have been studying it ever since.”

After sometime studying Proctor’s writings Bredschneider decided to be a consultant reflecting how much he enjoyed and was dedicated to this material. He started to do live presentations, webinars, seminars and workshops based on Bob Proctors material “which has been handed down from Napolean Hill and Earl Nightingale and from thousands of years of knowledge.”

Bredschneider describes a bit about how he helps people through these seminars: “I take people through figuring out where they are in life. Most people who come to these seminars are usually looking for answers and the fact of the matter is they already have all the answers it’s just that they aren’t aware of it.

The former mechanic continues, “So the idea of the seminar is to open people’s mind’s to the possibilities that lie within them. Everybody has the opportunity to achieve great things and do amazing things not only for themselves but their families and everyone in their sphere of influence. It’s just a matter of looking inside and saying: What’s my purpose in life?”

Bredschneider has already written two ebooks on unlocking personal and professional potential and is currently writing a book about his life journey. The still untitled book also goes through Bredschneider’s time as a mechanic and “the idea of going into engineering as well as talking about things I was missing when I was younger like understanding who I am.” Bredschneider continues “This book is designed to reach out to guys like me who are mechanics–who are bouncing off circumstances and trying to eek out an existence instead of living a life. It’s trying to bring awareness to people that they have ability to achieve anything they want in life.”

As a certified Proctor Gallagher Institute Consultant Bredschneider has been continuing to help individuals and businesses alike to achieve their potential. “When you start reflecting on yourself you start looking inside instead of going to all kinds of seminars and webinars and trying to get answers to questions that you already have–then your life starts to change. You start seeing what you’re capable of–and you start seeing and understanding what you can do. Then when you start helping other people it all comes to life! You start doing what you love doing and the next thing you know you’re making an impact in people’s lives.”

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