When you’re on the job hunt it’s always imperative to look for and use any resources available. The first place you should check out is right in your backyard. You will be surprised how many great career resources are close by.


The library is a great place to look for resources that will help your job search. It has a lot of great books as well as online resources that you can access with your library card. Ask the librarian to direct you to any additional resources that can help.

Career/Employment Centre

These centers are specifically set up to help you during your job search. They have a myriad of resources including workshops, one-on-one consultations and resume editing and creation. Take advantage of all these amazing tools that these career and employment centers have–but remember, you are responsible for finding a job using these resources.


Sometimes non-profits and charities offer some type of job search services. Be sure to inquire and find out what they can help you with. They might also know other resources that aren’t fully advertised in your community.

Career Colleges/University Career Centres

Even if you haven’t gone to the university or college around you it doesn’t hurt to pop in and find out what job search and career resources they have available for non-students or alumni. Even if they can’t really help out ask them if they know other community resources or professionals that can help you out.

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