The reality of any job search is there will always be more qualified candidates than you. There are many talented and experienced people out there in the workforce as well as hunting for a job. The key is: don’t think about your competition! It’s easy to and it becomes a slippery slope when you start checking out the talent pool out there. You have to hunker down and concentrate on what you can bring to the table and includes your skills.

When you are applying for jobs or when you are composing your resume an important tip is to focus on the skills that you have and how you have (and will continue to) successfully applied them rather then thinking about the skills you don’t have. The skills that you have have been gained through your work experience. They reflect your maturity in the workforce and should be proudly noted on your resume. You should also utilize your coverletter to show practical applications of these skills in a project or various work instances.

Never sell yourself short when it comes to your skills! Always focus on the skills you have and make sure to start acquiring new skills today!

Image: Geralt

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