Sometimes we get stuck. Whether it be creatively or professionally, we feel that we can not grow. One of those situations we get stuck in is our job. It’s easy to get stuck at a job because your get comfortable. It’s understandable, but give yourself a minute to think: is it something you want to be stuck in for the rest of your life? The answer is more than likely No. No one wants to be in a job that isn’t going anywhere and isn’t fun. You definitely have bills to pay, but can you find a way to do what you really want? The answer is Yes. You can have a career that you want, but you must lay the groundwork to making it happen.

It all starts with being true to yourself and your goals. If you want to be a writer you must find ways to become one. It takes time and patience, however–how does the thought of doing something that you love appeal to you? So it all starts with making the effort to get there. Start today and it starts with what you ultimately want out of life.

Image: Melissa Juarez

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