Whether you like your job or don’t, have a career path or trying to find one–you always must find opportunities in any position you are in. It might be about finding like-minded co-workers or taking some points from a training session and running with them. The key is to always keep your eyes open for a chance to either learn, prove yourself or build upon your existing experience.

Right now if you find yourself in a job that you don’t like try approaching it in a different manner. Do you have a goal? Having a goal can making going to that job a bit easier because hopefully it is helping you achieve something. Also try looking forward to an aspect of the job–perhaps there is a great co-worker you learn a great deal from. Continually find bright spots at your job and before you know it you can truly find an amazing opportunity that you didn’t see before.

If you are in a good job that you like there is an abundance of opportunity waiting to be found. If you are comfortable at a good job it be might be tough to see opportunity because there isn’t any struggle! That means you need to be diligent in understanding opportunity around you and when to pounce on it.

It’s about looking at what you can bring to the role and what you can get out of it. A job is merely a job when you have no goals and no career prospect. Fight to learn more than others, excel in mundane tasks that others don’t want to do and always be kind and thoughtful!

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