Inspiration is a pretty important thing to have in whatever you do in life. Whether it is a book, a movie, or a person–inspiration is a key driver to giving us an amazing push to accomplish many exceptional things. In our careers inspiration is a fundamental foundation to building a solid experience year after year.

Don’t see it?

You might not!

But it is there. The people that have given you infinite wisdom to do your best. Leaders that you have followed or other people that you don’t know well–visionaries that have been stalwarts in our society. We are absolutely influenced by those people that have stood for something and still stand dispensing their strength through their actions and timeless words.

Our careers usually reflect what we are ultimately capable of achieving–it is our dreams in motion. We capture inspiration from so many sources every day and every waking hour even if we aren’t aware of it. It seeps into our unconsciousness and grows there.

Also, I implore you to go out there and get inspired on purpose. Read people who have done great things. Discover histories of amazing victories and crushing defeats. Believe in those that others haven’t been kind to. The world is an open book for you to read and live.

Inspiration is a way of feeling the world around you. In your career be different and strive for something more–inspire others to also do great things and discover their own path to inspire others!

Image: Avi Acl

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