Websites can easily be created these days–in fact, anyone can have one! Twenty years ago companies paid over $100,000 for a rudimentary site. And today you have a professional site for a few hundred dollars. It is certainly an exciting era of technology. But the question is: Do you really need your own website? You can ask your self a few questions like: are you selling or promoting something? Have you fully realized what you will be showing the world? Do you believe people will visit the site?

If you feel there is value that will be derived from your site–then by all means make one! Regardless, even if you hire someone to do it the whole process can be used as a definite learning experience–marketing, branding, communication, sales, negotiation are all skills or concepts you will learn.

If you want to build one yourself that is an amazing project to start. There are so many great resources you can find on the internet to help you learn how to create one. Take your time. You might consider looking into using WordPress as a good start to building your site. Look into all your options and keep an open mind.

Going back to the original question: do you need a website? Truthfully–maybe not! But there are many things you can discover by building one. As they say it is all about the journey and not the destination.

Image: FirmBee

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