Whether we live in a city, town, farm, cottege etc..there is always an chance to discover what career opportunities it offers. If you are a writer for example can you do something that developes your writing career? Is there a niche opportunity somewhere in your community?

The focus is professional growth and the continued development of your skill sets, experience and relationships with others within the area. How can you offer something that is unique while providing a service or product that is needed within your area? Research, analysis and understanding are all key factors that need to be executed in order to get the gears going.

Networking is also important. Communicating you goals and alligning them to your community’s challenges and overall aims can lead to a fruitful development of a niche opportunity for you. Involve others that are in the sames headspace you are in and continually expand on concepts and ideas that can be feasibility rolled out within the local area that you live and/or work.

Image: Whitfieldink

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