Being a generalist can be a good or bad thing in your career. It is good especially if you are starting out and getting to get a grasp of the job market/what you want from your career. On the other hand it can be something companies don’t want because they are looking for specific skillsets and experience.

Therefore finding your niche can be a very important. If you specialize in something you are easier to hire because you possess skillsets that have been honed for a certain job or task. You can do some research on what is in demand in the marketplace and create your own niche. You can develop your specialization through contract work or gigging–building a strong portfolio is a good way to showcase your experience and applied knowledge to real world projects.

You can also take courses, training sessions or attain some more eeducation to add to your niche development. However, it is vital that you grow in a niche because you want to–there is nothing worse then doing something and grow it into a career when you have no passion for it–that you are simply doing it because it is in demand.

Image: SeoGrafika

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