One of the easiest most effective ways to connect with a person is by inviting them out to a cup of coffee! Not just simply messaging them or emailing them, but going out and sitting down to chat.

It can be about mentorship, career development or simply strengthening ties. Having a cup of coffee is an amazing way to bond and exchange knowledge. Always be sure to bring your notebook along. Make notes about key aspects of your conversation. Listen to what your guest has to say–you will learn a lot if actively listen and ask the right questions.

Have fun with the conversation and try to add value of you can. However, if you have invited the person for coffee you are mostly in a situation where you want them to talk. The major part of a coffee meeting is to learn!

Try to have a coffee meeting every once in a while and with people that you will definitely learn from and perhaps collaborate. You are also strengthening you connecting with your local community by having a simple cup of coffee.

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