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Using LinkedIn as a Networking and Outreach tool

LinkedIn is a great tool to connect and build your professional network. Use it to forge amazing and long-lasting relationships–even if only get a few pros who are interested to chat–that is certainly worth your while. It is about the quality of the connect and the way you foster it rather than simply trying to

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5 Online Sites to Advertise Your Career Expertise

1. Craigslist Although mainly a place to sell and buy items, Craigslist is still a great place to advertise job postings, resumes and gigs–thus an amazing online area to post your career expertise. It’s free and despite a high chance of attracting spam, you can still yield some potential contacts by showcasing what you know.

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How to Create an Effective LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn is the most important social media platform when it comes to showcasing your professional experience online. Many of us have rudimentary profiles with limited information. However, editing or crafting an effective LinkedIn profile isn’t that difficult. Here are a few tips. Use a Professional Headshot The best photo to use for your profile is

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