Utilizing College/ University Career Centres

If you’re a university or college student it is never too early to utilize your campus career centre. They have amazing job search/career development resources that can get you on the right path during or after you get your degree or diploma. By dropping in as soon as you can you are giving yourself anotherContinue reading “Utilizing College/ University Career Centres”

How to Create a Job Search Schedule

Whether you were laid off, fired or simply decided to leave your job you need to create a schedule of what you are going to do and how to accommodate your game plan. Here’s how you get the ball rolling Plan your week Some say that finding a job is similar to a full timeContinue reading “How to Create a Job Search Schedule”

How to Organize Your Leads During Your Job Search

One of the most important tasks during any job search is compiling and organizing job leads. Similar to what you might do in sales with prospect leads (potential sales opportunities) we can apply to any job search. Here are a few tips on how to organize your leads during your job search: Prepare a SpreadContinue reading “How to Organize Your Leads During Your Job Search”

5 Reasons You Need a New a Job (Even When You Already Have One)

If you have a great job with room for growth and you enjoy going to work–this article isn’t for you! However, if you are at a workplace that isn’t jiving with you that’s ok it happens. Also, people staying at a job that is boring or isn’t challenging might be a clear indication it’s timeContinue reading “5 Reasons You Need a New a Job (Even When You Already Have One)”

5 Ways to Get a Job in a Tough Economy

1. Finding an Opportunity. When there is a recession everyone feels the squeeze. During this time, be vigilant in regards to what people around you need. Also, talk to people and listen! How can you help and make their lives easier especially in a tough economy? 2. Offer Value. If you already have a smallContinue reading “5 Ways to Get a Job in a Tough Economy”

5 Reasons You Might not be Getting Callbacks for Job Interviews

Sometimes we reach a tough stop during our job search: we don’t get any calls for job interviews. You keep on sending your resume out with little or no results. However, before losing hope here are 5 reasons you might not be getting calls for a job interview and some quick fixes: 1.Applying to theContinue reading “5 Reasons You Might not be Getting Callbacks for Job Interviews”

Finding Opportunity at Your Current Job

Whether you like your job or don’t, have a career path or trying to find one–you always must find opportunities in any position you are in. It might be about finding like-minded co-workers or taking some points from a training session and running with them. The key is to always keep your eyes open forContinue reading “Finding Opportunity at Your Current Job”

How to Find a Career that’s Right for You

The process of finding a career can be a relatively quick one or one that lasts a lifetime. We must remember that each of us has a different career path–we all have have different skill-sets as well as job and life experiences that give us unique opportunities albeit at different stages of our lives. However,Continue reading “How to Find a Career that’s Right for You”

7 Reasons Why an Employer Will Hire You

Companies are always looking for candidates that have a strong mix of skills, experience and consistency. It isn’t hard to reason why a company will consider a less experienced candidate who has excellent people skills over a more experienced yet inconsistent one–it comes down to skills and qualities when brought into the right work environmentContinue reading “7 Reasons Why an Employer Will Hire You”

The Importance of Acquiring Professional References

Professional references are very important especially when companies are verifying your past work history. A solid reference can get you the job so it’s time to contact individuals and acquire several good job references. Managers Managers are perhaps the best references to acquire. They hold a position of leadership yet are still accessible. If youContinue reading “The Importance of Acquiring Professional References”