How to Build your Job Experience in Just a Year (Pt. 1)

If you are a recent graduate, lack any job experience or simply re-entering the workplace after a time away one of the most important things to focus on is to build your resume as quickly as possible. Here are a few pointers to build your job experience in just a year: Get an entry-level jobContinue reading “How to Build your Job Experience in Just a Year (Pt. 1)”

5 Things to Consider Before Attending a Job Fair

Attending job fairs is another way of tracking down a job. Some of them can be useful and others simply a way to advertise companies–so always be weary. Before attending a job fair here are 5 things to consider: 1. Free or Pay The rule of thumb when it comes to job fairs is theyContinue reading “5 Things to Consider Before Attending a Job Fair”

How to Find a Career that’s Right for You

The process of finding a career can be a relatively quick one or one that lasts a lifetime. We must remember that each of us has a different career path–we all have have different skill-sets as well as job and life experiences that give us unique opportunities albeit at different stages of our lives. However,Continue reading “How to Find a Career that’s Right for You”

Are Job Fairs Worth Attending?

Let’s face it: job fairs can be a tremendous pain-in-the-neck. They are usually packed with people just like you looking for a job. And sometimes the quality of the companies or jobs aren’t very good either. More often than not you leave without accomplishing much and dejected. However, there is some good news. Your approachContinue reading “Are Job Fairs Worth Attending?”