Seizing Opportunities That Will Help You Grow Professionally (Pt.2)

Wherever you live or whatever your job is–you have amazing opportunities at your finger tips in order to grow professionally! If you work for a company take a few moments to reach out to your direct supervisor and discuss with him/her what the company has to offer when it comes to training, educational assistance orContinue reading “Seizing Opportunities That Will Help You Grow Professionally (Pt.2)”

What is Your Dream Job? (Pt. 2)

We all have a idea floating in our minds of what our dream job is! Whether it be one dedicated to helping others or one full of adventure–the dream job that we want is one that fits our personalities. Now thinking about your dream job doesn’t have to be a pipe dream. It is attainable.Continue reading “What is Your Dream Job? (Pt. 2)”

Developing Your Skills for Career Growth

Developing you skills is fundamentally important for your career growth. We all possess some sort of skillsets–rather it be general or specialized–however we need to stay focused and realize that we continually need to hone our skills. We can build and refine our skillsets by seeking further education or through more experience on-the-job. You alsoContinue reading “Developing Your Skills for Career Growth”

Creating a Career- Development Strategy

Do you have a strategy that outlines your career path and development? You might not believe it is needed, but if you spend some time creating one–things might become a bit clear. Creating a career development strategy isn’t hard. First, what is your overall aim from your current job? Are you building experience in orderContinue reading “Creating a Career- Development Strategy”

The Importance of Developing Your Career in a Smart City

Many cities throughout the world are currently developing advanced technological ecosystems into order to facilitate and prepare for the constant population growth. According to several sources, by 2050 more than 60% of the world’s population will be living in urban centres. That’s an incredible amount of people living and working in these areas. That meansContinue reading “The Importance of Developing Your Career in a Smart City”

The 3-Stream Career System

There is always a way to further develop your career. One great way is to try the 3-Stream Career System. It might be difficult system to maintain over a long period of time, however it can be a powerful short term boost for your career experience, entrepreneurship, and professional network growth. Here are the 3Continue reading “The 3-Stream Career System”

Why Should You Consider Being In Business For Yourself

It takes a certain kind of personality to be an entrepreneur. You have to be self motivated, willing to work very hard, a fast learner and able to persevere despite setbacks. You also have to be a little creative and have a good business sense! If you have those major ingredients then being your ownContinue reading “Why Should You Consider Being In Business For Yourself”

How to Create Your Own Career ‘Breaks’

Chances are if you are waiting on people or luck to help you along on your career journey you not end up being too successful. There are many people, however that are essential in your career development and that includes even bad managers! Regardless, it is your responsibility to create your own breaks in orderContinue reading “How to Create Your Own Career ‘Breaks’”

Building Your Career with Customer Service Experience

Ever thought of getting a job as a retail sales rep or in hospitality? If not, consider it. There is an abundance of skill sets you can acquire even if get a job in retail short-term. Even if your in school or considering a different career, laying the foundations in a customer service job isContinue reading “Building Your Career with Customer Service Experience”