Learn How to Build A Better Career From Athletes (Pt.1)

Whether you are a sports fan or not–sports and more specially those who compete can be helpful in your career ddevelopment. Athletes are sometimes some of the most dedicated, hardworking and focused ppeople around–that’s why they can provide you with an amazing guide to your own success. Check out games on TV or watch oldContinue reading “Learn How to Build A Better Career From Athletes (Pt.1)”

Developing Your Short-Term Career Goals (Pt.2)

If you have already assessed and are developing your short-term goals that will give you an solid foundation for a sstrong career! However, if you may be struggling to create a clearer picture of a long-term career for yourself take a few moments to research successful professionals in your field. Observe what they have doneContinue reading “Developing Your Short-Term Career Goals (Pt.2)”

Developing Your Short-Term Career Goals (Pt.1)

If you feel your career path is the right one it is important to solidity that by developing your short-term career goals. If you are either work as an entrepreneur or within a larger company it is vital that you understand what you need to do now in order for long-term success. Think about whatContinue reading “Developing Your Short-Term Career Goals (Pt.1)”

Professional Networking & Power Building (Pt.2)

It is up to you to create a strong and effective network that can help you secure jobs and develop your career. If you are successfully and steadily building your network you also need to consider finding ways to grow it. How can you do this? 1.Find interesting places to network–that means at work, throughContinue reading “Professional Networking & Power Building (Pt.2)”

Professional Networking & Power Building (Pt.1)

One of the best and easiest ways to secure a job is through build a strong network of professionals. If you don’t have one don’t worry! You can easily build one and keep on growing it. 1.Utilize LinkedIn and Facebook. Reach out to people with the same interests. Send a quick hello message and addContinue reading “Professional Networking & Power Building (Pt.1)”

When Is It the Right Time to Change Jobs? (Pt. 1)

There are a host of reasons why we should change jobs. You are probably tired of your current job–it might be boring or unchallenging. Maybe, you aren’t getting the right training. Or it might be a toxic environment to work it. Whatever the reason(s) you need to think about the short and long term ramificationsContinue reading “When Is It the Right Time to Change Jobs? (Pt. 1)”

Developing Your Career: Refining Your Skills (Pt.7)

As you get further along in your career and you understand your strengths better–it is a good idea to start to refine your skills. That means–to truly analyze your skillsets and expertise in order to fully ultilze what you are good at in order to develop your specialization and thus your earning potential! There areContinue reading “Developing Your Career: Refining Your Skills (Pt.7)”

Developing Your Career: Finding Your Niche (Pt.6)

Being a generalist can be a good or bad thing in your career. It is good especially if you are starting out and getting to get a grasp of the job market/what you want from your career. On the other hand it can be something companies don’t want because they are looking for specific skillsetsContinue reading “Developing Your Career: Finding Your Niche (Pt.6)”

Developing Your Career: Professional Groups & Meetups (Pt.5)

It is important to develop and grow your professional network and one good way to do it is through meetups. You can easily find meetups in your local area by using LinkedIn, Facebook, Facebook Groups and various apps. There are so many different meetups happening so be sure to be specific on a niche orContinue reading “Developing Your Career: Professional Groups & Meetups (Pt.5)”

Developing Your Career: Mentorship (Pt.4)

If you have a mentor count yourself as lucky! Mentors are invaluable resources that can provide you with their wealth of experience and knowledge to help you along in your career and life. If you don’t have one try reaching out to people you trust and find one. Although it might be tough locating aContinue reading “Developing Your Career: Mentorship (Pt.4)”