How to Sell Your Education to Hiring Managers

Having a strong work history is important–it’s also great having a decent education. However, did you know that your education can somwtimes work against you? Too much education may reflect a focus on more theory than real world application. Ok, so you have a degree or a few certificates. However, the bottomline is if it’sContinue reading “How to Sell Your Education to Hiring Managers”

The Importance of Learning more about Your Local Community

Learning more about your community is a vital part of your personal and professional growth. Of course its not an obligation on your part to do it–the pros simply out weigh the cons. Connecting with your community can give you an increased awareness of the people, businesses, organizations and non-profits. Getting a better understanding ofContinue reading “The Importance of Learning more about Your Local Community”

Focusing on the Skills You Have (Rather than Skills You Don’t Have)

The reality of any job search is there will always be more qualified candidates than you. There are many talented and experienced people out there in the workforce as well as hunting for a job. The key is: don’t think about your competition! It’s easy to and it becomes a slippery slope when you startContinue reading “Focusing on the Skills You Have (Rather than Skills You Don’t Have)”

Blogging Your Way to Specialized Knowledge (Pt. 5)

Blogging isn’t simply a space to write some wishful thoughts or post your thoughts about a local band. A blog can be an amazing opportunity for you to build an amazing career. As discussed in this 5-part blog series, blogging can be a fantastic journey that will take you to places that you never thoughtContinue reading “Blogging Your Way to Specialized Knowledge (Pt. 5)”

Blogging Your Way to Specialized Knowledge (Pt. 4)

After getting into full-blog mode you will notice that ideas for blog entries will come easier to you. However, the complexity of the posts depends on how far you want to take your blogging career. As noted, one of the major reasons blogging is such a good idea is to increase your knowledge of aContinue reading “Blogging Your Way to Specialized Knowledge (Pt. 4)”

Blogging Your Way to Specialized Knowledge (Pt. 3)

What starts as your first blog turns into 4 posts and then your at 20 blog posts! Blogging becomes a habit like anything in life. You have to do it. It isn’t a chore, it becomes something you just do everyday. And another amazing thing start to learn alot about what you write about!Continue reading “Blogging Your Way to Specialized Knowledge (Pt. 3)”

Blogging Your Way to Specialized Knowledge (Pt.2)

One of the easiest ways to share or expand your knowledge is by blogging! Blogging has been around for a while. By writing a blog you not only give yourself a great opportunity to learn more about your subject matter but you extend your knowledge of maintaining and growing it. Social Media By utilizing socialContinue reading “Blogging Your Way to Specialized Knowledge (Pt.2)”

Blogging Your Way to Specialized Knowledge

Learning is a basic foundation to whatever we do. Weather it be cooking, driving, communicating or whatever–it’s all about learning and developing our minds. One of the easiest and more effective ways to get better at something is by doing it–over and over again. And by consciously thinking about what we are doing; reflecting onContinue reading “Blogging Your Way to Specialized Knowledge”

4 Ways to Invest in Your Career

When we are doing something that we loved it’s an amazing feeling! Whether its working at a great company or being an entrepreneur, it’s always wise to continue to invest in your career. Here are 5 ways that you can invest in your career: 1. Education. Expanding your knowledge is an amazing thing that youContinue reading “4 Ways to Invest in Your Career”

6 Ways to Help You Find Success at Work

Sometimes in life we struggle and other times we just ‘get it.’ I think you will agree with me that being successful is a lot more fun then losing especially at work. So how can you find success at work? Here are 6 Ways: 1. Learn About Your Bosses Learning more about your bosses canContinue reading “6 Ways to Help You Find Success at Work”