Reading is one of the most fundamental ways that we learn. Along with speaking and writing, reading is another form of communication that is very much taken for granted in our society. Having a high-level literacy skill can increase our workplace opportunities exponentially! One of the easiest ways to learn more is simply by reading more.

The Library

Need a good place to look for books? The library is perhaps the best resource you have in your community to search, discover and read books. It’s easy to get a library card and with that you will also gain assess to ebooks and many other amazing in-library and online resources!

Digital vs Traditional

Anyway you slice it you can’t go wrong reading on any medium. That means if you love reading on your eReader–you have an amazing way to bring your literature on the go. You can literally fit thousands of books, magazines and other reading materials on eReaders. However, the tried and true way of reading physical books is still very much popular. Although you can’t bring a lot of books with you at one time, bringing a few books keeps you focused on them!

Read More and Varied

Reading more gives you a better opportunity of learning more. If you enjoy reading on a subject that’s great: it will help you towards becoming a specialist. However, reading other subjects sometimes gives your mind a chance to grow because you are discovering other things. Continuing to find books and magazines will you keep helping you acquire knowledge.

Building your Library

Acquiribg books on subjects or by authors that you like–both physical and digital copies–is a great way to build a personal library. Building your library is important. You can use these books as continued resources that you can reference as you build your career.


Amazon is one of the best places online to find popular books. It also makes purchasing physical books as well as ebooks very easy!

Image: Dariusz Sankowski

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