There is no secret formula for creating a good career for your self. However, you must want a better life for yourself in order for a solid career to happen. You also need vision and determination as important foundations to growing a fruitful career. Here are 4 key ingredients you need to build your career.


There is no excuses for you not to network. Networking will do wonders for your career and professional development. Make it a habit of going out to networking events but don’t let them limit you. Connect with professionals at other events, get togethers and anytime you go out. Have plenty of business cards handy as well as a 10 second elevator pitch ready when someone asks you what you do. Always be polite and courteous! Collect as many business cards you can and remember to follow up. Networking is something that needs to become a habit meaning everyone you meet is a potential person that could be added to your network.

2.Find a Niche

If you do something really well that is great! If you do something that no too many people do you may have an opportunity to create a niche. If you need to become a very specialized professional that might he a great way to build your reputation. But in saying that you need to focus heavily in becoming a specialist over many many years. That’s how get good and knowledgeable.


There are many opportunities around you whether you know it or not. The trick is to get yourself out there ready to take hold of these opportunities. They can come in many forms–all you need to do is train yourself on finding them and acting accordingly.


If you have an established career and looking for more interesting opportunities consider freelancing your services. It is easy to advertize. Try Fivrr or do some research on a site that can help connect you to right clients. Before you know it, you have a side opportunity going as a result of your established career. Also, your freelancing may turn into a full time career opportunity.

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