One of the easiest ways to share or expand your knowledge is by blogging! Blogging has been around for a while. By writing a blog you not only give yourself a great opportunity to learn more about your subject matter but you extend your knowledge of maintaining and growing it.

Social Media

By utilizing social media, you can grow your audience! More people will find your blog and connect to it by using social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. You will also learn more about social media marketing–giving you another skill you can add to your experience on your resume.

Building your Blogger Network

By investing time and effort in sharing and growing your blog, you are giving yourself a chance to branch out into the blog-universe and connect to like-minded bloggers! You are growing another skill– networking! Try reaching out, connecting, and even offering (if you can) to write guest posts for them. Be mindful of your blogger counter parts and share your knowledge with them.


It’s good to find out and write about what your audience wants–but sometimes getting out of your comfort zone and experiment with your blog can offer you new and exciting experiences. Try different subjects or images–get guests bloggers with other perspectives. Have fun and always find ways to make your blog fresh and exciting!

Image: Pourqui Pas

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