Blogging is a highly underrated (despite so many people starting one) yet efficient tool that has so much upside there is no reason you shouldn’t start one now. The problem is: it’s so easy to start one and even easier to stop blogging.

It’s an amazing feeling to start a blog and maintain it. Blogging is like gardening: you plant the seeds for the plants you want to grow. You maintain the garden by watering, pruning and cultivating it. Same thing goes for blogging: you have to maintain the blog by writing and tending to it and to help nurture it with good content.

Start blogging & reap the benefits

Blogging is a great way to write about what you know or to use it in order to better understand a subject or industry. For example if you are aiming for a career in fashion, blogging is a great way to showcase your style and fashion savvy. It is about writing about what you love and what you know. Blogging can provide great opportunities to connect with other like-minded bloggers. It opens up a whole new world of possibilities when you start sharing your creative, intellectual and quirky thoughts and ideas. Also if you blog consistently, you will get a rhythm going that will definitely reflect in your posts.

Blogging is a great tool to showcase YOU

If your blog provides readers with well written and informative posts, you are providing value. Essentially if you are consistent it reflects that you can write and publish content that people want! When prospective employers and in some cases even advertisers see this–adding a successful blog to your resume–it’s simply a great way to separate yourself from others when applying for a job.

Shows that you are online savvy

If you start and maintain a blog for awhile it reflects positively to future employers. It shows you know your way around the internet; it also shows your writing talent to the world and your expertise on a given subject. If you couple your blog to Facebook or other social media it also shows a strong knowledge of digital media.

Blogging is great when you don’t have experience

Sometimes when you graduate or decide to look for another job, blogging can provide you with amazing skill-sets and online experience. There are so many ways to continually expand on your blog so keep on researching other similar blogs and always take an active approach to reaching out and to network.

When you write a blog for a while…

A whole bunch of things can happen! You build your professional network. You build a loyal readership. You become an expert in your subject. You attract like-minded people into your circle. You can monetize your blog. You are building an online brand without sometimes knowing it! When you stop to think about it a blog isn’t only about writing a post and hitting the publish button. It’s about branding it, sharing it on social media, maintaining it, and consistently learning what works and what doesn’t.

Blogging gives you real world skills that can be applied to many professions and industries. Companies are always looking for self-driven multi-tasking individuals who takes the initiative to build something out of nothing!

Making your blog into a career

Imagine that your blog resonates with people to the point that you can actual build a career from it! This certainly has happened to many people out there that started a blog because they were passionate about something. You can’t buy passion, or dedication or experience and that’s what readers see in blogs that have done so well.

So instead of the blog simply being a tool to beef up your resume or build your network, your blog can legitimately become an amazing opportunity for a unexpected career opportunity you never thought possible!


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