Whether you are a job seeker needing to find a job or a causal one (you already have a job) looking for a better opportunity is something most of us want. But searching for a job isn’t all about accessing Google, finding job posts and applying to a million jobs, it’s more than that! One of things you should strive to be in your job search is: creative. That means applying for jobs face-to-face or even interacting with a company through social media to find out more about them. Maybe it’s opening up a dialogue with a customer service representative on the phone, asking job-related questions or requesting to speak to the on-duty manager! It’s ultimately finding ways to discover your strengths and to run with them or trying to find ways to improve on your areas of opportunity.

Being creative during your job search takes time and effort. Pay attention to how successful people carry themselves. Equally look at workers that you encounter daily and see what they could improve on. Keep notes and try to uncover opportunities all around you–essentially revealing a niche that you can become an expert in and ultimately thrive in is a great way to separate you from others.

It may be daunting, but never give up. If you must take a job that can service as a spring board for bigger and better things take it–there are always positions posted for customer service reps or entry-level sales. From there learn as much as you can and take online courses or night courses to better yourself. If you have time take courses that interest you too (ie. A hobby like writing or crafts.)

Remember to read books and watch documentaries that talk about interesting people and how amazing and complex life is! Developing a thirst for knowledge is highly addictive so go out and find ways to learn as much as you can. Have a ritual: read a half hour before bedtime or play interactive video games that stimulates your brain.

The key to being creative during your job search is to keep things positive, to continually meet new people, and learn about companies and people at every opportunity!

Image: Alexas Fotos

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