7 More Tools on Indeed.com to Help You Find a Job

One of the best online resources to finding a job is Indeed.com. Not only does it have countless job posts, it also has many resources to help in your job search. Here are 7 additional tools on Indeed.com to help you in your job hunt. 1.Job search Tips page Getting familiar with this indeed pageContinue reading “7 More Tools on Indeed.com to Help You Find a Job”

5 Indeed.com Tools You Can Use to Find a Job Now

Indeed.com is one of the most popular job search engines on the Globe. To attest it’s popularity it is available in 50 countries and in 28 languages. It has over 180 million unique visitors every month and boosts 10s of thousands of new job postings every day. What indeed does best is it aggregates jobContinue reading “5 Indeed.com Tools You Can Use to Find a Job Now”

5 More Ways of Building your Resume when You have little or no Experience

Don’t have too much work experience? Don’t worry! Here are 5 additional ways of beefing up your resume. 1.Ask to help small businesses for free Pick up the phone and ask what areas they need help in. Explain you situation and I think one company will give you a shot. For example, if you haveContinue reading “5 More Ways of Building your Resume when You have little or no Experience”

7 Ways to Finding a Job that You Will Love

Finding a job is sometimes hard work. It can be time consuming and challenging, however, the rewards can be great aside finding a job! Here are 7 ways to find a job that you will love. 1.Build a powerful network Building a strong and helpful network is key to finding a job you will love.Continue reading “7 Ways to Finding a Job that You Will Love”

5 Must-Use Online Job Search Resources

In the last decade we have seen the explosive growth of social media, the internet and the use of smart phones. Job seekers have also accustomed themselves with using the internet more and more in order to find and apply for jobs. 5 of the most popular online tools include Google and Indeed.com. They areContinue reading “5 Must-Use Online Job Search Resources”

Are Job Fairs Worth Attending?

Let’s face it: job fairs can be a tremendous pain-in-the-neck. They are usually packed with people just like you looking for a job. And sometimes the quality of the companies or jobs aren’t very good either. More often than not you leave without accomplishing much and dejected. However, there is some good news. Your approachContinue reading “Are Job Fairs Worth Attending?”

5 Ways of Building Your Resume With Little or No Job Experience

  Typically this situation happens to students who are fresh out of high school or college/university. Although having a good education is important companies crave that their candidates have some good work experience. Realistically, the kind of experience that companies are looking for is either rare or non-existent especially from a graduating student. So whatContinue reading “5 Ways of Building Your Resume With Little or No Job Experience”

Choosing a Career

A job is a job. You make money, pay bills and survive. Its usually mindless work. Or something you don’t like doing. It is why it’s called work. Now with a career, it’s something completely different. It’s not work. It’s not what you have to do. Instead It’s something that you like to do. ButContinue reading “Choosing a Career”