Review this useful checklist if you are on the hunt for a job.

1.Update Resume

Review, edit and up-date. If you can get a few people you respect to critique and edit your resume before sending it out, that’s a bonus.

2.Visit a Library

Spend a few hours at the library looking for books and other resources that can help you. Be sure to see if you can reserve time with a librarian; they can show you some amazing job search and career-related resources that fly under the radar.

3.Use Google

One of the most powerful job search tools you have available. Find job postings, company info, and general info on looking for a job.

4.Look for Help Wanted Signs

Get out there and check out who is hiring around you. Some companies don’t advertise online so start knocking on some doors, introduce yourself and hand out some resumes!

5.Apply online

You can apply through company websites and other sites like Indeed or Monster. Make sure you fill out the applications correctly and always check if your resume suits the jobs you apply for!

6.Visit a Career Centre

Career centres have many tools, resources and information that can help you prepare, search and apply for jobs. Make an appointment with a job/career specialist. Remember: they aren’t recruiters; they help you prepare not secure a job for you.

7.Seek Advice

There are many people you can seek sound advice from: family, friends, professionals, a mentor. Take notes and always look at what they themselves have experienced and their level of success.

8.Have References Ready

Contact several people you want referrals from. Be sure you still have a good relationship and that the reference will be positive. Prepare names, phone numbers and emails before interviews or when applying for jobs on applications.

9. Have a Portfolio Ready

Projects and additional information that will help you in an interview is a bonus! Keep your work and certificates in a new portfolio–it just might give you the edge over other candidates.

10.Know Your Job Market

Who’s hiring? What are major industries in your area? These are general questions, but you need to be up-to-date on what’s going on before and as you apply for jobs.

11.Compare Experiences

It’s always a good idea to check out what your competition is like–LinkedIn is an excellent place to see real professionals and what experience, education and skills they have.

12.Build a Support Group

Finding other job seekers can be a good idea. Meet up in person or create a Facebook group. Find out what they are doing in their job search and ask questions. Most of all be supportive and positive.


When applying for jobs be sure to follow-up with hiring managers or the companies themselves if no specific manager is given. Picking up the phone and engaging can mean a possible interview just because you were top-of-mind.

14.Stay Positive

Being on a job search can be tough and stressful. Be positive, stay healthy and stick around people who truly support you and your efforts!

15.Read. Write. Stay informed.

Keep your mind sharp: read good books, write a blog or keep a journal and keep up-to-date with news, stories and headlines.

16.Contact Recruiters

Sometimes acquiring a recruiter can give you an in into good companies with a coveted position. Call, email or message them–you can find many on LinkedIn. Be sure to check their references!


Always network with people professionally and socially. Be engaging, positive and always be willing to help someone in your network.

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