One of the most important people in any facet of our lives is a mentor. A mentor is a person with experience, knowledge and in-sight in a particular industry or in life in general. They can help guide a younger person in the right direction either at school, work or in life. In regards to a career, a mentor is vital to helping shape his or her protégés path to a successful career.


Mentors are so valuable because they are bringing years of experience to the table. They can give you insight that one wouldn’t have when it comes to choosing the correct option in your career path. Also, having a person that one can rely and trust is fundamental to building a strong foundation in your career.


So in saying that–where can you find a mentor in your life?


Mentors are people we trust. They can be a professor, a manager, a leader in the community, a professional–anyone, essentially that you see yourself learning from; that you trust; and a person who cares about you and your life.


A career mentor is no different. If, for example, you are in sales and hunger for increased sales potential it may be a good idea to seek out someone on your team that is a sales person that you can learn from. If you zero on one such person, be sure to find out if they are approachable. Learn more about them and their life.


Think about ways they can help you. Obviously, how they can help you increase your sales. But think about how they can help in other ways in your life. When you have a good relationship ask them if they are willing to spend time with you when you have a question or need to talk to someone.


Ultimately, you want someone–and this can’t be stressed enough–that is concerned about you, your well being and your future. A mentor is committed to helping you succeed by passing along invaluable experience they have gleaned to you.


Does a mentor expect anything in return?


Sometimes mentors seek someone they can take under their wing. They want to find someone who is hungry and eager to learn. They simply want to share their knowledge with someone that appreciates it and in turn applies it and succeeds. In most cases, the success of the mentor’s protégé is thanks enough!


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