Congratulations! You scored a job interview! Your perseverance, well written resume and experience have gotten you a job interview. Now the real fun part begins; it’s time you must truly bring your A-game. If the company chose you over other candiates thats a good sign.

Now you can build on that momentum and prepare to show them why they should hire you. If you don’t know where to start don’t worry, here are 9 tips to help you prepare for your job interview:

1.Research the company

It’s a good idea to get a better, more well-rounded view of the company that is interviewing you. Check out their website, social media accounts, articles, and key employees on LinkedIn. Make notes and formulate questions that you may have for them after the initial interview is done. Companies are impressed with candidates who know about them and equally have intelligent questions to ask!

2.Print Multiple Resume

Having an interview with multiple people isn’t uncommon. Be sure to have at least 5 resumes handy to give out to additonal people interviewing you. Doing this makes you look prepared and professional.

3.Show up well groomed & dressed

This might be a given, but there are people who don’t do this for whatever reason. Showing up to your interview well groomed and wearing decent clothing brings off an air of professionalism. Don’t over do it though–like putting on too much perfume or over dress might turn off the interviewer. Keep it simple and professional.

4.Be there on Time

Another given, yet some people still come late. This isn’t an option at a job interview. You need to come on time ready for the interview. Try to show up half an hour before the interview assuring you won’t be late. Also if you aren’t familiar with the area try coming a few days before to see where the interview location will be taking place. This might be overkill but in some cases can save you a lot of hassle the day of the interview. Additionally, the area might be filled with other businesses that might be hiring–get business cards if you can!

5.Be Well Rested

Going to bed a bit early and waking up early gives you a good opportunity to be well rested for the interview. Other benefits include: time to eat properly, to do other tasks, and review any notes you may have prepared.

6.Have Mock Interviews

Mock interviews are a great way to get you ready for the real one. Ask family or friends to interview you and then discuss what you can improve on. Mock interviews get you loose. If you can get any family or friends who are also hiring managers can give you an edge.

7.Prepare Questions

The interview is all about finding out if you are a good fit for a company. However, sometimes you have an opportunity to ask some questions to the hiring manager. Be sure to formulate some questions before the interview–ones that you feel will help you learn more about them. Also ask if you can write down the answer to those questions if possible. You can review them after the interview.

8.Learn more about Job Interviews

Google is your friend so use it! There are a lot of great resources on the net to get you ready for a job interview. You tube is another amazing visual tool to help you watch mock interviews–chose videos that are produced by legitimate companies or organizations or professionals. Also ask people around you about their experience on what a good interview is–as mentioned before, seeking tips from seasoned professionals who hire is perferred.

9.Bring a Portfolio

Prepare a short portfolio of some of your accomplishments like certificates, past projects, and awards. This gives an interviewer a visual aid to your accomplishments. Even if it isn’t requested ask if the interviewer if they would like to check it out–you never know, this might be something that separates you from the other candidates.

Image: Sue Styles

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