Searching for a job can be a job in itself. Between writing and retooling your resume and go out and knocking on company doors and religiously networking–the job hunt can be stressful, overwhelming and an experience you would like to soon forget. However, staying positive in this time can be particularly difficult. If you aren’t making process in your job search ie. getting interviews your attitude towards the whole process can seem like a never-ending journey without a happy ending.


However, staying positive in this time can be particularly difficult. If you aren’t making process in your job search ie. getting interviews your attitude towards the whole process can seem like a never-ending journey without a happy ending.

But you are not alone. Many job seekers have been or are in the same situation you are in. The key is: to stay positive. Even when things seem at the lowest point, don’t fret–the job hunt is like life–there will be ups and downs–so that means taking the good with the bad.

So how do you remain positive even if your job search has hit a rough patch? Here are a few simple, yet effective tips to stay the course, keep positive and ultimately land a job.


Read Inspirational books and stories


It is imperative that seeking out and reading inspirational books that be uplifting and help you cope with your job search. If you read a biography of someone who has overcome adversity to become successful can motivate you to continue finding a job.


Limit TV and internet entertainment.


Along with positive stories, there are many negative and toxic ones out there. When you are immersed in your job search limit your time watching Netflix or surfing the net. It’s easy to slip and start watching movies that are violent or sad; the internet is even easier a place to wonder and quickly discover sites with real world stories soaked in violence, gossip and the dark side of human nature. Although you should continue seeking out programs and sites that can help you stay positive, be sure to stay away from sources that are drenched in negativity without any redeeming value to your state of mind.


Hang around positive and successful people.


If you have people you know that are successful and upbeat, make it a habit to be with them. Listen to them. Capture their pearls of wisdom! Hanging out with people that complain, are negative all the time and aren’t too happy about their own lives can definitely affect you. You don’t need that and that kind of attitude won’t help you find a job. Even if some of those people are good friends or family, make sure you keep positive around them–it will test your mettle as well!


Create a support Group.


With Facebook around these days it’s so easy to create a support group that can help you stay positive during your job search. Seek out and invite others into your group. The great thing about it is that your group can be composed of people from all around the world so you aren’t limited with a local group. Be sure to ask questions. Be supportive! Share tips and experiences. Discover what’s working for you. And remember always stay positive even when a group member has found a job. Ask them what they have done to secure a job.


Clear your mind.


Are things getting a bit overwhelming for you? Try to do simple yet calming activities that can help you decrease your stress and clear you mind. Some activities include walking down park paths, observing nature, listening to calming music or even doing some mediation. Try some or all these activities and find out what works for you. You will be surprised how much you will get out of doing simple activities that sometimes seem trivial in our hustle-bustle world.


Change your approach


If you have been doing the same things in your job search and you aren’t getting the desired results, then it might be time to change it up. Start with your resume–try retooling it and seeing what the response to the new one is. Or instead of simply emailing your cover letter and resume, try calling companies and even trying to set up information sessions with manager or the HR department to learn more about the position(s) available and the company itself. Sometimes a small tweak to your job search plan can yield more positive results.


Get 2nd, 3rd and 4th opinions

Getting several opinions related to your job search is sometimes what the doctor ordered! Ask professionals or trusted people around you their thoughts on your approach to job searching. Be honest and be thankful for their time and opinion. Take the opinions with a grain of salt, and hold on to constructive criticism tightly–the truth hurts, but it just might be what you need to get you on the right path.


Seeking a mentor


Job hunting can sometimes be e a lonely and trying experience. However, does it really have to be? Seeking out someone with professional and life experience can dramatically improve the nature of your job search in a positive way. A mentor is someone who can help you change your outlook to situations; they can offer invaluable advice and share knowledge that can not only help you job search but may even help you on the path to a career!


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