Congratulations, you scored the job! You obviously worked your tail off networking, applying and keeping your ears and eyes open for a job opportunity. You hit the pavement and handed out your resume the good old fashioned way. It all paid off. Now you will be starting your new job. So before you start there are a few things to consider.

1. Who is Your Boss

Sometimes you don’t know your direct manager before you are hired. But don’t sweat it. Make some time to pop in and get to know him or her a little better. Ask questions and be professional if you do get time to talk with them one-on-one. Get to know their personality and what they have come to expect from their workers.

2. What do you need to do to Succeed.

You can quickly find out from management, co-workers and even clients/customers what it takes to succeed in your new role. Listen, observe and consider everything you learn. Be open to new possibilities and get yourself accustomed to the new work culture. The faster you find out what it takes for you to succeed the easier it is to make goals and how to achieve them.

3. Find out about your co-workers

Try to learn about the people you work with. What are their styles? Who are the truly successful ones and the others you want to keep your distance from? Remember to always be friendly, courteous and diplomatic towards your new co-workers. Aside being simply a good person, you don’t want to make enemies right off the bat by being aloof or rude. Remember to be a teamplayer!

4. Your Appearance

Always dress appropriately; maintain a well-groomed presentation and keep in shape. Mirror the look of other successful co-workers. And follow the specific work-place guide.

5. Create a Regiment

Being at your last job perhaps has set you in some bad habits or put you in a different mindset. Equally if you have devoted a lot of time looking for a job, you may have developed a system that was helpful but now it might need to be modified. By starting a new job you can develop a new routine–perhaps waking up a bit earlier and going in to work for some training.

6. Change your Habits

Habits are definitely hard to break so pay very close attention what you need to change in order to succeed at your new job. Maybe you need to eat better or go to bed earlier. You might have to take it easy with going out late. It’s the little things, however, like snacking, being sedentary ot binge watching shows that can make you less successful at work. Stay focused! As noted before observe those co-workers that achieve results and take note on what they are doing right.

7. Being Positive

Starting a new job can be a bit nerve racking but remain positive. Find out ways you can keep in a positive mind space as you start your new job. Self-help books, YouTube Videos or hanging out with good friends always helps. Always find ways to be a positive beam of light in any situation!

8. Keeping a Notebook

Be ready for taking down notes! It’s always a good idea to bring a notebook along to jot down things you have learned during the first while. Ask questions and be curious. Observe your new workplace and make notes. Be sure to read them over during breaks or afterwork. Having a notebook/taking down notes makes you look professional and reflects good on you as a worker focused on success.

Image: David Klusener

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