Most of us have been in a negative job situation. It isn’t pleasant but it’s something we sometimes need to endure for various reasons. However, despite certain things beyond our control, we still have the power to be positive and benefit from the bad situation we are in. How? Here are 7 ways to benefit from any negative job situation:

1.Stay close to those who you trust

There are always people at work you gravitate to–whether it be a manager or another co-worker. These people often give you support in the work environment especially when things are tough. In some situations if you believe you have no one that can help you at your job–keep positive and formulate a goal (finding a better job) and stick to it.

2.What have you learned?

Take stock and review what you can take away from the negative job situation you have experienced. Have you worked with exceptional clients? Have you had solid training? You will be surprised how many things you come up with when you think about it.

3.Leveraging your present experience

If you are having a negative or poor job experience you can still use it to your benefit to leverage it for another opportunity. Leverage what you have learned, your network with the company (and outside) or any specialized training that you have taken.

4.Be a positive force

Turn negativity into positivity. It’s not always an easy thing to do, but walk into your job holding your head up and just think positive. You can’t change the way others think, but you can certainly change the way you feel, think and act. Maybe your positivity will rub off on others around you!

5.Accelerate your networking

If you have a bad work situation hopefully it has lit a fire under you to do something about it–maybe trying to find a new a job. If that’s the case, you must accelerate your network building. Use LinkedIn and Facebook to reach out to new people as well as using email or simply calling! This is your time to shine so go out and go out to events, workshops and meet as many people as you can. The more people that you know, the better opportunity you have to finding a new job!

6.Educate yourself about your rights

Typically when our job situation is good we don’t really have a reason to look into our workplace rights (but we should.) However, it’s safe to say when things go south in the workplace we become more conscious of our rights. Contact Human Resources and go over your rights. Ask questions and review all proper documents. If you must, check out any available resources outside your job to find out any additional help you can get.

7.Striking out on your own

If you have the experience, the nework and the drive–it just might be your time to start your own business. Sometimes a bad situation forces us to assess our opportunities and doing your own thing is just what the doctor ordered. If you are seriously thinking about starting your own business look at all your resources–websites, your network and business resources centes. Do your homework before you start your own business! In saying that, look at your negative job situation as a positive life opportunity.

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