Creating and maintaining a blog is one of the easiest ways to building your experience (if you lack it on your resume.) If you focus on a subject or niche you can rapidly build your knowledge on a particular topic. For example, if you like writing flash fiction in the horror genre you can write your experience about writing it–as well as tips and even original stories. The sky is the limit when you start a blog. So how do you go about starting one? Here are 7 easy steps to starting a blog on WordPress.

1.Create a free WordPress account

WordPress is one of the most popular blog platforms on the internet today. It’s easy to use and there are a lot of resources available to help you grow it! To start things off just visit Create a free account by using your email and create a password.

2.Chose a URL

You want to chose the free option for now. You can select something like DesignsbyMichele. The URL will then be: Now pick a theme (the look of your blog site.)

3.Your first post

If you are talking about computer design think about your first post: maybe 5 Tips to Using Photoshop. Write in a simple style add photos throughout your blog post if you want to!

4.Post Settings

You will find Tags and Featured Photos selections here. Access it on the right top icon on your WordPress App. Tags help people find your posts easier on WordPress. It also makes your work more organized. Your featured photo is the one that appears at the top of your blog post.

5.Picking a photo

Picking an original high quality photo will give you the most attention. However, there are many useful sites that provide you royalty free photos that you can use for free. Although attribution isn’t always necessary–still be sure to reference the photo. There are also many other sites that feature higher quality photos but you have to pay to use them.

6.Follow other Blogs

As you blog more and more, other bloggers will discover you and like what you have to say–they will follow you! When you do, you will be notified when they publish a new post. Be sure to follow other bloggers and when you read other blog posts like them and comment.

7.Buy a domain/package

When you are ready you can get a basic package with an original domain name: It will drop the WordPress part and give your blog a more professional URL! There are several other packages that are a bit more expensive but can fulfil your needs as your blog grows like the Business Package.

Image: SophieJa23

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