Are you ready to find your next job?is that a yes? Excellent! However, you must have a consistent and balanced plan before you head out to start your job search. Here are 7 solid steps to creating a balaced job search plan:

1.Every opportunity

Write down everyone and everything that can help you find a job! This part is the messiest so remain calm and focused on the task at hand! You can organize afterwards.

2. Events

There are local and outside events that you can attend where you can meet new people. Utilize newspapers, websites and other resources to find out what events are happening in the next month. Look at every event as an opportunity to meet people who can offer you your next job!

3. Companies you like

Make a list of local companies that you would like to work for. Also include companies that are in nearby urban areas. Write down the reasons you like these companies. Why do you want to work for them? Is there a chance to grow? Do you hire directly?

4. Several Resumes

Spend time writing several different resumes for different opportunities. Make sure to have a general resume ready and then have other resumes you can easily modify for an opportunity you really want.

5. Where to send the resume to…

Compile an extensive list of contact information of places and sites to send to. Make boilerplate emails if you can and send them out.

6. Visiting companies

Compile all companies to need to visit. The initial visit or phone call is to find out who the hiring manager is so you can either set-up a meeting or acquire their contact details in a day or two.

7. Resources

Be specific on all the resources that may help you during your search. That means career centres, websites, and people. People included are people in your personal and professional networks.

…Writing the plan

Now you can easily write a plan broken down into weeks. Look at what your priorities are each and every day and build a plan that suits you. Focus on connecting with businesses and handing out your resumes to hiring managers. At the beginning get your resume professionally done or redone. Keep to your plan and if you feel that after a week you aren’t getting the results you desire revisit your plan and simply retool.

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