Companies are always looking for candidates that have a strong mix of skills, experience and consistency. It isn’t hard to reason why a company will consider a less experienced candidate who has excellent people skills over a more experienced yet inconsistent one–it comes down to skills and qualities when brought into the right work environment can be both tremendously beneficial for both worker and company. Here are 7 reasons why a company will hire you:

1.Skills in Practice

If you have strong skill-sets have have been put to the test over a period of time in the workforce that will definitely put an exclamation mark on your resume. Companies are always on the hunt for candidates with battle-tested skills ready to be utilized immediately for their team!

2.Following Up

Sent your resume? Check. Had a strong interview? Check. Follow-up? If there was a No to the last question chances are you missed an opportunity to snag the job. In some cases a simple follow up call or email would suffice for a job offer. Following up shows your interest, motivation and overall respect to the company and hiring process.

3.Making their lives Easier

Management always has a lot on their plate. If you can help them alleviate some of their workload that is a big bonus for you because you are making their lives and job easier. What boss wouldn’t want a worker that is a hard-worker, ambitious and willing to do some extra work?


Possessing confidence in whatever you do or say shows you are control. It also reflects on your leadership skills in some cases. Companies desire confident employees especially in key roles such as management and executive positions.

5.Positive Attitude

A compliment or a thoughtful gesture can really bring a team up especially when it’s a tough time. Being positive is greatly appreciated in any work environment and can help co-workers work better and get clients’/customers’ repeat business. People like being around a positive person–it’s good business!


Working well with others is key to having a successful work-life as well as a great career. Being a team-player shows that you listen well to others, follow orders and sometimes put aside personal gains for overall team success. Strong companies know that the only way to grow is by having a strong team with team-first employees.

7.Aligned to their Company Culture

You can have an amazing resume chalked full of skills, experience and an education to boot, but if for some reason you don’t mesh with a company’s culture it simply isn’t going to work. Typically you need to be on the same page as the company in order for success to happen for both parties.

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