Facebook is definitely one of the most powerful social media platforms around today. It has over 1 billion registered profiles and each and every day over 200 million users login. The good thing about it is that Facebook is relatively free to use. Businesses spend billions of dollar harnessing the advertising power of Facebook so obviously there is something that works. There are many great qualities to Facebook and if you are a job-seeker you need it as an important tool while searching for a job. Here are 6 ways to use Facebook in your job search.

1.Grow your Network.

Even if you connect with people you don’t know, make sure you give them a reason why you are connecting. Remember if you are a regular Facebook user your limit is friends. If you want to add more people you have to turn your page into an public personality page. However, think of building your network on Facebook like a craftsman. Send out requests to people you think may be a good connection. If they accept make sure you respond and build your online relationship from there. Through these connections you might land yourself a job.

2.Join local Facebook groups.

Popular groups like buy and sells sometimes have thousands of members. Join local groups that have many members and search for friend connections there. These members have businesses or are employees at businesses that trust them–identify opportunities in regards to what comments or posts they put up. And always remember to contribute to these groups as much as you can in a positive and helpful way.

3.Write a post

Finding a job sometimes isn’t easy despite the hard work you put in. Utilizing any and all resources you have around you is a must–so if you need to write a post to advertize the fact you are looking for a job opportunity then do it. Sometimes your connections will suggest something–listen carefully to all feedback and advice from these you respond. Local Facebook groups are another good place to post your ad. Remember be open to comments, be polite and thank everyone who have tried to help you.

4.Search for Jobs

Search Faceboom for job openings. You will be surprised how many businesses and people post informal posts about jobs or share job postings.

5.Follow Job Boards

Follow established job search engines like Indeed and Eluta. If you already set up alerts on their pages for new or any job postings that pertains to you, that’s great. However, Facebook can be another opportunity of connecting with them on an alternate channel. Also connect with any local job boards if they exist.

6.Comment on Page Posts

Always be mindful of those in your immediate network and community. Comment on any posts in a positive manner while giving a thought or opinion. Don’t write impulsive, ill-tempered or hurtful posts responses–this will turn people off and really tarnish your reputation. Responding to posts is a great way to get people to see you and mighr help you break the ice when introducing yourself.

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