Sometimes in life we struggle and other times we just ‘get it.’ I think you will agree with me that being successful is a lot more fun then losing especially at work. So how can you find success at work? Here are 6 Ways:

1. Learn About Your Bosses

Learning more about your bosses can give you a deeper understanding in regards to their managerial styles and work-floor personality. Ask if you can a have a few moments to talk with your manager in their office or have a 20 minute chat at a coffee shop close by. Find out a bit more about their professional background and think about how you can further learn from them.

2. Learn Something You’re Good at

You have strengths and weaknesses. Instead of lingering on what you can’t do, think about what you can do and how can learn more about getting better. Consult books. Research the internet. Message top-tier local professionals. Find out how you can exponentially increase your knowledge and experience of a personal strength or skill set!

3. Help Co-workers with their Personal Goals

Day in and day out you work with many people around you in the work place. Sometimes you feel like simply doing your work and going home. However, try this: you may have a co-worker that you get along with–so that’s a good start. Find out a little more about them. What do they excel in? What did they study at school? So they have an interesting hobby? By learning about your co-worker(s) you are in effect taking the time to listen to them. It’s a good feeling! To take it one step further: is there anyway you can help them achieve their goal(s). ALEP: Ask. Listen. Execute. Produce. For example, if you discover a co-worker is a talented singer try seeing how you can use any talents you have to help in their music career!

4. Learn how to Make Money

You don’t have to be a sales person at your company to generate money for them. But you can think of ways of doing it: whether it be excelling in customer service and stoking repeat business or keeping the business organized– even the smallest things can help generate revenue for the business you work for! Also, try brainstorming new and exciting ways to generate business and increase revenues.

5. Be your customers’ #1 fan

Most of the time a smile goes a long way! Be friendly and accommodating do your customers. Thank them for their business and ask them to come back. Become your customers’ #1 fan! Be positive with them even if a negative situation arises –you will quickly get fans yourself by being ‘the positive one.’

6. Never, ever give up!

Everyobe loves an underdog story and people that never quit. How about you are that person at your job! The person that always rises up to the challenge! The person that never, ever quits! Your customers, bosses, and co-workers need this kind of energy…so give it to them in spades!


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