Getting the edge in securing a position during your job search is easier than you think! It all starts on your end–you must look for ways to improve and you’ll be surprised how far you’ll go applying several if not all of these tips:

1. Do your homework

Whenever it may be: researching a company or a hiring manager, doing your homework will be obvious when you are interviewed. You have Google at your finger tips so there is no excuse to find out more about a variety of things during your job search.

2. Have a Positive Mindset

When things go sour at any point during your job search it’s easy to get down and lose focus. That’s why you need be look for ways to maintain a positive mindset. Whether it be surrounding yourself with good people or reading self-help books, it’s all about finding ways to a have a bright outlook!

3. Setting Goals

Goals are exceptionally important in any facet of your life. If you have a simple, yet effective statement like: I am going to get a quality entry level job at a good company–that can be the goal-statement you need to own and visualize! Of course, this statement can be a bit more specific, it none the less demostrates a written goal is more powerful than simply a rootless thought.

4. Time Management

Priorize your time–what opportunities are most advantageous to pursue? Having a calender is very handy as it gives you a strong visual and sets the course for the day and week. Tinker around with your schedule in the early days of your job search and see what gives you results.

5. Finding Areas of Opportunity

Leave no stone unturned! Network constantly and discuss your job search to everyone you meet. But remember, always be generous, attentive and be willing to help out. Opportunities are all around you–you need to be at your best and most positive mindset in order to stag them!

6. Maximize Your Mobile

The number one tool in your job search is your smart phone. Whether it be writing your resume on it, to applying to jobs– the smart phone when maximized can really give you a boost during your job search! And be sure to download apps and tools that can aid you including: resume builders, word editors, calendars, time management tools and more. Make your mobile work for you during your job search.

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