Posting your resume online is an easy and typically free option to get it noticed by companies and recruiters. Here are 5 places you can upload your resume online:

1. Resume Posting Sites

There are several of these websites that only serve as a space to post your resume. This is also a great resource because you can check out other professionals and their resumes.

2. Craigslist

Perhaps the most popular area on the net to post your resume. It’s free and many employers use it to find candidates. You can upload an image of your resume–you can not upload any other file. Or you can simply cut and paste your resume text in the ad-post body.

3. Facebook Group ‘Files’ Section

This area isn’t used a lot however if you find yourself in a job posting group with staffing and recruiting agencies following it doesn’t hurt to post your resume here.

4. Indeed

Along with Craigslist, Indeed is one of the most popular areas on the net where you can post your resume. You can’t see other candidates, however companies typically pay a fee to get access to these uploaded resumes. A lot of companies utilize this resume area and thus it’s a worthwhile place to post it.

5. Monster & CareerBuilder

These job posting board sites are along with Indeed a good place to upload your resume. Because of how established these two companies are–you are ensured there are a lot of companies accessing this resume feature.

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