Every job seeker wants to find an edge when it comes to landing a job. Even if the job market is good, it’s still sometimes a struggle to get a job. So, how are you doing in your job search? If you aren’t having success try these 5 ways to increase your chances of getting hired:


Have you tried following up with companies that you have applied to? If not, try calling or emailing a hiring manager. Be polite and focus on the following-up part rather than if you got the job! You never know–it can be a simple thank-you as a follow-up call or email that can land you the job–it shows you are proactive and also you become instantly top-of-mind when you reach out.

2.Meeting employeers directly

If the job posting says you are not allowed to call etc then be respectful and don’t do it. If it says nothing about visiting the employer then try it! Go by when it’s a little less busy and connect with a hiring manager. Chat with them if you can and ask questions about company and various roles. Questions are always good! Drop off your resume if possible and remember to follow up.

3.Acquiring more experience

One of the biggest barriers to getting a good job is the experience factor. Employers will tell you that they may be looking for a more experienced candidate. However, this is your chance to ask them: what kind of experience are they looking for? This can help you greatly when you apply for the next job.


Friends. Co-workers. And family. Are all people that can help you find you a job through referral. This can land you a job in no time, but be weary: you have to work harder and more efficient then you ever did before because of being referred! You definitely don’t want to look bad for the person who referred you.


This isn’t really a quick way to get a job but it will increase your chances of showcasing your talent and skills in a work environment! Internships range in complexity and length so be sure you know what you are committing to! Also, sometimes internships are harder to get then a job simply because of the nature of an industry or job role.

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