Whether you’re dedicating yourself fulltime to a job search or working around your current job schedule it is imperative to be as productive as possible. Look over at your current job search strategy: first off, do you have one? Are you taking care of yourself? Are you keeping good social company? There are a host of things to review and perhaps change (for the better) in order to have a more productive job search; here are a few ways:

1.Have a game plan

Sitting down and coming up with a game plan will give a you a concrete direction in your job search. It makes it easier to make and achieve targets. If you are a visual person it gives a quick and easy run-down of numbers you are hitting just like in sales. For example, if you set 10 information interviews and got only 8 it gives you a chance to work harder for the next week.

2.Get Organized

Making a schedule of what you are doing during a week can make a big difference. Setting specific times to go to bed or setting a daily block of time to send out resumes gives you a routine and a better chance at hitting your goals.

3.Eat Healthy and Exercise

These two things usually get overlooked because we are sometimes too busy doing other things. But eating healthy and exercising can make a big difference when you are searching for a job. Case in point–if you get a call for an interview and you look tired and worn down chances are you won’t get the job.

4.Be Social

Your job search shouldn’t be all consuming. You need time to yourself as well as time to get out and be social. Whether it be with friends or family, it is important to let off some stream and have a night out. It is healthy, fun and gets your mind off the grind of your job search for a bit.

5.Get Plenty of Sleep

Along with eating healthy and exercising, sleeping is another important function that sometimes gets left behind. Lack of sleep can effect your job search–you can start making mistakes on your resume for example or your mind won’t stay focused. A solid sleep can help you keep straight and narrow with your job search game plan as well as being more organized.

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