1. Finding an Opportunity. When there is a recession everyone feels the squeeze. During this time, be vigilant in regards to what people around you need. Also, talk to people and listen! How can you help and make their lives easier especially in a tough economy?

2. Offer Value. If you already have a small business give customers a reason to still go to you. Offer exceptional value for your products or services. Go the extra mile by showing customers they are saving substantial money and time going to you.

3. Start a Business. This might initially sound like a head scratcher but when people in society are closing up shop because of declining business this can be the magic opportunity for you. Plant the seeds in an economic downturn and slowly build your business. As the economy picks up people know you as one of the rare companies that started in a recession–excellent adverizing for you going forward.

4. Networking. This topic has been talked about alot in this blog and for good reason. Networking–even in a recession or an economic downturn can help you discover new opportunities as well as people that can help you get a job within your community and beyond. Talk to as many people as you can and see how you can mutually help each other.

5. Move. If things are really tough you might consider moving. However, not before doing your research and finding out whats out there–is there a better opportunity in another city or region? Reach out to family and friends living in other areas and ask about what jobs are out there.

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