Adding ‘value’ to your career profile is an important process to your professional development. It includes: taking training/certificate courses, building your network and even doing volunteer work! It is also about self-discovery and learning more about your strengths and areas of opportunity. Here are 5 ways to add value to your career profile.

1. Expand on Education

Updating your experience through education is amazing way to build your career profile. There are a tremendous amount of education options today so you must do your due diligence in assessing and finding courses and training opportunities that can vault you professionally. Review your options: there are online certificate programs as well as courses you can take at a college or university level. Also, take into consideration business degrees and even pursuing a PhD–do any of those degrees figure into a long term career plan for you?

2. Mentorship

Being mentored and mentoring someone are exceptional ways to expand your career development. A mentor is an extremely important person in your life that can give you strong guidance–they offer unique perspectives into areas of your life which include: your education and career. They know you well and want you to succeed! As a mentor, you provide someone with your experience and skills to help them build their own career and even personally development. Being a mentor and being mentored are two amazing ways to grow your career profile.

3. Being part of Associations

Whether creating one or joining an existing association–you will certainly see it is a great way to meet people and find different exciting and unique ways to grow professionally. The association can be directly connected to your career or be a hobby or passion.

4. Writing and sharing online content

You definitely have knowledge! So why don’t you share it by writing articles online? Use Facebook and LinkedIn to share your articles and use these pieces to connect to other professionals, hiring managers or potential clients. You can use blog platforms such as WordPress to write your articles on or simply write them via posts on social media.

5. Networking

Networking is key to really developing your career profile. Weather it be part of Associations, network functions, special events or business meetings–there is a wealth of places to build and grow your professional network. Always be the first to see if you can help others who you are networking with!

Image: Nastya Gepp

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