Typically this situation happens to students who are fresh out of high school or college/university. Although having a good education is important companies crave that their candidates have some good work experience.

Realistically, the kind of experience that companies are looking for is either rare or non-existent especially from a graduating student. So what can you do to beef up your experience-thin resume? Here are 5 ways you can:


This is one of the best things to do when your resume needs to get a boast. Although volunteering tends to be more of a personal matter, finding an opportunity is still a great way to build upon existing skills and learn more about non-for-profits and charities. Also in some instances it is harder to find a volunteer position then a job!


Getting an internship in the field of your choosing is an excellent resume builder. It’s also sometimes difficult to getting one. That’s why you have to be a little creative. Seek out smaller companies that may need your expertise and convince them how bringing you on will be a benefit to them. It also won’t hurt to say you are working for free! But remember getting an internship means that you must get a solid learning experience from the company.

Get a part time job

In most cases taking any part time job is the best way to break into the working world. Even if it isn’t the best position, just getting a start some where doing menial tasks is better then wasting your time doing nothing. Be sure to keep on applying even when you have a part time job.

Write for a local newspaper

We all get those free papers wrapped with a stack of grocery store and retail flyers. But that bundle of newsprint can mean a great opportunity for you to start building your experience.

Call the newspaper up and find out if they need a writer. Be sure to think of some ideas you can pitch to them if they want to here more of what you can offer them. Don’t turn down any writing assignment. Keep on writing, communicating and learning! It will sharpen your interview skills, help you generate ideas, and of course your writing will get much better in the process.
Start blogging

Don’t hesitate on this one. Visit WordPress.com. Set up an account and start blogging for free! I recommend buying a domain name which looks a bit more professional as opposed to the WordPress name in your URL. Write about what you know or something you are passionate about. Even if it isn’t industry related, you are showing your knowledge and sharpening your writing skills.

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