The powerful G-Suite offered by Google is one of the best tools for any job seeker out there. Its not only easy to use, it’s free! Although the G-Suite has a host of awesome applications let’s focus on 5 of them that will definitely keep you organized and provide useful tools to build your resume to keep job search info safe.

Also, many of these apps can be accessed via your Google Drive app on your phone. More apps (note discussed here) can be found on your Gmail Account when you login via Chrome Browser.


When you sign up for your Gmail account you automatically get access to your own G-Suite app which includes Google Docs and Sheets among a bevy of other great apps. Be sure to create an account under your name! It is both professional and helps companies know who they are contacting of they decide to email you.

2.Google Docs

Write and edit your cover letters and resumes using this great app. Very easy to use and compatible with Microsoft Word. Save all work into your Google Drive connected with your Gmail account.

3.Google Sheets

Organize contacts you meet along your job search on this spreadsheet application. Compatible with Microsoft Excel. You can find this app via your Google Drive app on your phone as well as Google Docs.

4.Google Calendar

Mark down important dates like career workshops, job fairs and interviews.

5.Google Marketplace

Use this app to find resume templates or other apps that can add to the power of the G-Suite. Just be aware many of these apps have been designed by third parties that aren’t related to Google so beware that if you download then you will be sharing your information with them.


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