A resume is a marketing tool to help you get an interview which will hopefully lead to a job. However, writing a good resume is essentially keeping things simple and to the point. You know you need to write down your work history, relevant skills and professional summary highlighting your goal(s) and what you’re going to bring to the table (to the company you’re applying to) but what else to you need to keep in mind? Keep on checking out various websites, books and resources to write a better resume! Also, try using these 5 tips when writing your next resume:


Get 2 or 3 jobs you are intending to apply for and comb through them for any keywords. These words typically are buzzwords that can be found throughout relevant job discriptions. When you have isolated a few input them naturally into your resume. Why keywords? Companies usually put resumes through ATS (automated tracking systems) to find candidates they want to interview and hence check for these keywords.

2.Think: How am I going to help this company?

Don’t spend time writing a resume that is geared to you! Focus on what hiring managers want to read. The bottom line is: they are reviewing your resume to see if you can help them. So can you? Can you drive sells? Can you build a loyal customer base? Can you save the company money?

3.Gear your resume to relevant jobs

If you don’t have the right experience or skill sets for particular jobs…don’t apply to them! Apply to jobs that you believe you have a shot in getting. However, that doesn’t mean you should give up trying to reaching for better opportunities–you simply need to look at what experience or education you need to get those types of jobs!

4.Keep it to a maximum of 2 pages

Unless you are a professor, doctor or lawyer there is no need for your resume to exceed 2 pages. Anything longer and a hiring manager won’t read on. If you are having a tough time condensing your resume take a look at resume samples online to get a better idea what you need to do.

5.Hiring a Professional

When it’s all said and done and you still are having a tough time with your resume look into hiring a professional resume writer! Before hiring one look at your options–what’s pricing like? What kind of resume do you need? Do your homework and find the best value!

Image: Veera Santinithi

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