Writing a great resume can be time- consuming, but when you have it all polished and ready to roll it can be your ticket to landing you that coveted interview. But sometimes we stick to the same format and end up sending the same resume everytime we go on the job hun. We tweak it a bit and then send it out without really thinking what we sent out. One of the best tips is keeping it simple and short. Here are a few more simple tips to help you write a great resume:

Only include revelent information

It’s so easy to keep lots of information on our resumes because…well..it’s our resume. We don’t want to leave out any information about our skills or work history and before you know it the a resume is dangerously creeping towards three pages. One of the most important things to keep in mind is only including relevant information on your resume especially if you are applying for a very specific role.

Use action words

Action words drive your resume and make your experience come alive. Spearheading, leading, Encouraged, Actioned are all words that establish you are a doer. Don’t be afraid to use these action words.

Use Sans Serif or Serif Fonts

This might be a small thing, but using particular fonts can mean the difference between having and not having an interview. Keep font size between 9 to 12 point and use only Sans Serif font if you are applying online and Serif font in person. The Sans Serif has no ‘tail’ and is easily read by scanning programs while the Serif gives the font a nice look and great for in-person resume drop-off. Times New Roman is a popular example of a Serif font.

Make Use of White Space

One of the easiest mistakes to make when writing a resume is trying to cram in as much information as possible. Can you imagine someone trying to read a resume so dense with words there is no time for their eyes to rest? White space can help make your resume easier to read.

Keep it to One Page

Sometimes two pages might be ok, but usually one is best. As noted in the introduction: keep it short and simple. Typically someone reviewing your resume will do so for about 5 to 7 seconds! That means you need to keep all information on one page. If not, your resume might not make the cut.

Image: Lukas Bieri

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