Learning to be a helpful and caring person is an important step in developing your personal self and career. Yes, their are some people out there who have lied, cheated and hurt others to get where they are today. If that is a path you must fellow that is your choice. However, we are all connected in some way–that’s why helping others achieve their goals is a great thing to do! Here are 5 reasons you should champion other people’s goals.

1.Building Confidence

This is always a big one when it comes to your personal and career development. By investing you time in being a Goal Champion you are telling the person they are worth it! This gives so much confidence to that person they sometimes don’t know where it has all come from.

2.Creating a powerful network

When you believe in people a funny thing happens…people start to really believe in you! You start to slowly create a powerful and loyal network of people who believe in each other’s goals.

3.Believing in the human spirit

Deep down in all of us is one of the most powerful forces in existence: the human spirit. Just Google that and you will find some tremendous stories of humans persevering despite the odds being stacked against them. Same applies for believing in others.

4.You will learn something

Even if you aren’t really sure about the person’s difficult goal be mindful of what they are going through. And yes, you will definitely learn something. Even if it’s a field which you aren’t too knowledgeable in, the key is being their champion because everyone needs one!

5.Strengthen your mentorship skills

As you lend your strength and support towards someone’s goal you are becoming somewhat of a mentor. Even if it isn’t your field of expertise or interest the key here is to provide support and maybe even some guidance!

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