If you have a great job with room for growth and you enjoy going to work–this article isn’t for you! However, if you are at a workplace that isn’t jiving with you that’s ok it happens. Also, people staying at a job that is boring or isn’t challenging might be a clear indication it’s time to go. Remember to be discree when trying to find a new job while currently employed!

1. No Growth

Although the job might be fine, there might not be a chance for career growth for whatever reason. When you truly know that there isn’t growth for you at a company or organisation it might be time to consider a new opportunity. Getting a job with a chance for advancement is important because it lets you grow professionally!

2. Toxic Work Environment

It may just be a bad co-worker, but sometimes it isn’t worth the sacrifice for drama and negativity. Believe it or not, a toxic work environment can really hit you emotionally and physicially and decrease your quality of life. Try your best to make your environment better, but if nothing is happening as a result it’s time to seek a new job where people care.

3. Compensation

Getting paid fairly reflects the kind of company you are working for. However, somtimes a low paying job is better because of many factors including chance for promotion, good co-wokers or even decent benefits. You have to jot down reasons to get a raise.

4. Training

Having a thirst for knowledge is a cornerstone for being successful. Some companies offer great training programs or they pay for your tuition. If this appeals to you and if your current employer doesn’t offer it–look for a company that is more invested in your career growth.

5. Management / Team

If there isn’t a click with management or your team, then it might be time to move on. Try to stick it out and find ways how you can adjust on your end. If you can’t look for new opportunities. Life is too short to work with people that don’t respect your work.

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