Sometimes we reach a tough stop during our job search: we don’t get any calls for job interviews. You keep on sending your resume out with little or no results. However, before losing hope here are 5 reasons you might not be getting calls for a job interview and some quick fixes:

1.Applying to the Wrong Job

The problem might be that you are applying to jobs that require more education, specialized training or skill sets you don’t have. Get back to the drawing board and reflect on what can you bring to the table. Find jobs that are a better fit by reviewing your experience and skills.

2.Resume Style

Have you been using a barely updated resume? It might be time to write a whole new resume. You may want to consider hiring a professional resume writer to increase your chances of getting a callback.

3.Social Media Presence

Your resume is updated and professional. You have the experience and skillsets required. But you still aren’t getting calls–another reason might be your social media presence. If you have a moment review your LinkedIn profile and up-date it immediately. Review your Facebook and Instagram–do you share appropriate content? Does your profile reflect a different persona that does not align with companies’ values? Take serious stock of your online presence–it just might be costing you a job because companies do online research on many of their candidates all the time.


Sometimes bringing a different or fresh approach to your job search can yield some solid results. All it takes is reading books about thinking differently or taking a novel path to applying to jobs. It just might be you need to get out there and network more instead of just doing online applications. If you aren’t getting calls for interviews every and angle to adjusting your job search should be considered.

5.Little or No Support

Trying to find a job can already be stressful as it is and your feelings can sometimes reflect on your resume, coverletter or applications by the tone of your writing or the way you write. Reach out to friends or family that can lend you their ear and ask for support. Career services in your local area may offer support for people having a tough time looking for a job.

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